Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015!

I can't believe that Christmas and 2014 are behind us. What an incredible year it was for me, finally living out one of my bucket list items to write a novel.

Every time I read a review -even bad ones- I am excited, only because it means one more person took the time to read my book.

I will admit that my blog entries have fallen off over the last few months. I am better at getting a quick tweet out than I am at sitting down to write a blog entry :)

I have began working on Jemma and Phin's story.  This one has come with its own challenges; as I have so many good plot or scene ideas.  To many in fact. The outline has been written and rewritten. I hope to have the first chapter posted soon.  Unfortunately, I have been writing this book a little backwards and have not written the first chapter.

I truly appreciate every one of you who took the time to read my books and follow my blog and tweets!  You are the best!

Enjoy your first weekend of 2015!