Monday, May 25, 2015

Stepping In - Cover Reveal

Stepping In 
Due out on Amazon June 2, 2015

Jemma Perkins has always done the right thing; she is the definition of ‘good girl’.  Never one to party too much or take a random man to bed; Jemma was always the perfect daughter.  For the past eighteen months she has been caring for terminally ill mother.   

When Jemma’s mother loses her battle to leukemia, Jemma questions everything about her own life.  She suddenly feels as though playing the good girl means she is missing out on all of the fun the world has to offer.   

While Jemma is the definition of ‘good girl’, Phin Riley is the definition of playboy.  Since the day he met Jemma at work, they became instant friends.  Something new for Phin, he never had a female friend.  Hell he never had a real girlfriend.   

Before Mary Perkins died Phin promised her he would look after her daughter.  Little did he know that taking care of good girl Jemma was going to try his patience.  Jemma’s sudden change to bad girl want to be, keeps Phin on his toes.  

When things go from bad to worse with Jemma during a weekend in Vegas, Phin does the only thing he can think of to keep her out of trouble.  He marries her.   

Can the two make a real marriage out of their impromptu Vegas wedding or will the divorce come sooner than later?