Sunday, June 29, 2014

Falling Into You on Sale for $0.99!

The first book in my Geek to Chic series is on sale on Amazon for $0.99!  Grab your copy now while the sale is on!

Falling Into You 
Roni Atlas has never been a smooth woman.  Sure, she is a bombshell to look at but she is also a walking disaster.  She is the definition of clumsiness.  Her clumsiness is usually only harmful to her. However, shaken up after being fired by her sexually harassing boss, Roni trips and falls into the man she lusted after for six months.  After a quick conversation she stumbles away from the man of her dreams.

Derek Callaway is gorgeous, rich and successful.  Well, now he is.  His high school days were filled sitting in front of a computer screen and getting teased at school for being a small nerd.  When Roni bowls him over on his way to an important meeting he is tongue tied.  He has been staring at her every morning at Stabucks for months.  Too bad she fleas before he can ask her out.

Luckily, fate steps in giving Derek the opportunity to hire Roni as his assistant.  Giving him a reason to be with her everyday.  Will his CEO persona push her away?  Will her clumsiness do them both in?

      ***This book contains steamy scenes between a former geek turned hotty and a clumsy woman that will knock your socks off.  As well as a few laughs and  cringe worthy moments of total clumsiness.  We can’t forget the best friends who may or may not kill each other.***  

Amazon - Falling Into You

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Snippet - Izzy and Alex

Happy Thusday!  I have done so much this week!  Between hail storms, pool time and my regular job, I have been writing like a mad woman! Izzy and Alex's story (the title is still in the works) has been flowing amazingly!

Here is a small snippet!  

At some point, Alex had moved to the bed, lay next to her on his side.  His hand moved to her belly.  “This means we have two choices.  One, try very hard not to be at the same social events, or two, get the anger out of our systems.” 
“Somehow I doubt you are suggesting we throw on boxing gloves and go a few rounds.”  Izzy reasoned, turning on her side to face Alex.  His hand moving from her belly to her hip with her movement, pulling her close to his body again.  “The idea does have merit, however, I would hate to have to explain to Derek why his CFO is in a coma.” 

Giving her that damn panty dropping smile of his, he shook his head a little and laughed.  “No, I can’t say I am into those types of sports in the bedroom.  I am suggesting that there is a thin line between hate and lust.”  Pulling her leg over his hip, he leaned in close to her, whispering, “I think you and I have some unfinished business. I say we finish that business.  Fuck each others brains out a few times.  When we feel we have crossed that line from hate to friendship we stop the bedroom activities.  Parting as friends and allowing the rest of our group the luxury of not having to worry about bloodshed every time we share space.”  

Friday, June 20, 2014

When Inspiration Hits, Go with It.

Yesterday was not my day to be productive.  LOL  Every work project, chore, or chapter I started was left behind, forgotten and unfinished, as I moved onto the next task.  My focus level equivalent to a toddler surrounded by to many toys.

That is, until I woke up at one in the morning.  Shooting out of bed, I ran to my laptop.  I will say a laptop seems to take forever to load when you need to get an idea out before it's gone.  The chapter I attempted to struggle my way through earlier in the day, eventually giving up in frustration, was suddenly writing itself.

The ideas flowed quickly and easily!

I wrote into the wee hours of the morning.  The skeleton of G2C (Geek to Chic) Book 2 is almost complete. The scenes are either in my notebook ready to be written or down on paper (or computer as the case may be).

Stay tuned next week for another sneak peek of G2C Book 2.....

Have a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summers should not be this busy

Remember when you were a kid, and the only responsibility you had during the summer was to be home by the time the street lights came on?  I long for those days.  The freedom of getting on my bike and heading out on adventure, even if it was only to the local pool, with my friends.

Now, as a mom, summers mean playing taxi driver and hostess to the neighborhood kids in between my 9-5 job and my real passion of writing.  So far this weekend we have gone to Comic Con Denver (yes I am raising my kids in all things geek), went shopping for stuff to send the older boy off to camp, volunteered for the local fair and had a birthday party for my younger son....and it is only Saturday :)

I have managed to relax a little by writing Izzy and Alex's story.  As promised here is a little taste of the couple who seems to be plotting each other's murder at every turn.

To set the scene, it is moving day for Roni and Izzy.  Alex decides he needs to help after Izzy has been ignoring him....

“Alex what are you doing here?”  Roni questioned him suspiciously as she gave him a welcoming hug. 
“Since Derek was helping you get settled, I figured I would lend a hand to Izzy.”  Alex shrugged.  He had been trying to get Izzy alone with him to finish their discussion since the Gala.  Unfortuanltey, she wanted nothing to do with him. 
His texts and calls had been met with a level of hostility usually saved for terrorists.  He had even learned a few new four letter words.  He knew his chances of ever getting her to forgive him were slim to none, yet, here he stood in her living room ready to get slapped again. 
Roni assessed him for a moment. “Fine, but you be nice to her.  Or I won’t do that data analysis you need on the forecasts.”  She threatened, poking him in the chest with each word. 
He laughed.  “Um, Roni, I’m your boss you have to do the analysis no matter how I behave.”
“True, but I don’t have to present it for you.  So, be nice!”  Her pale face scrunched into what she must think was a threatening look. 
“Fine, I promise to be nice.” 
With one more huff, she walked away.  Leaving him to go bother Izzy.  His favorite pass time.  He walked to her bedroom door.  Walking right in without knocking, because he knew it would get a reaction from her.  And right now he was dying for any type of attention from her. 
“What the fuck are you doing in my room?  Did your mother only teach Derek manners?” Izzy huffed at him. 
He smiled, finally she was acknowledging him again.  He walked over and sat on the corner of her bed.  Bouncing a little to test the springs.   “Nice bed, pixie.”  
“Glad you think so, but this will be the only time you ever see my bed.”  She stood as far away from him as she possibly could get without leaving the room. 
“You’re being so mean to me, and I am only here to help you settle into your new place.  Where are we moving to anyway?” He continued talking as though the look on her face didn’t give away, she was plotting to murder him in a very creative way.
“Why what?” He leaned forward and peaked into the box sitting at his feet.  His hand was immediately slapped away. 
“Why do you want to help me settle into my new place?” 
“I’m a nice person, helping a friend out comes with the territory.”  He tried to peak in the box again.  This time she snatched the box away.  “Is that your box of panties?”  He wiggled his eyebrows at her. 
She blushed.  “Ugh, you are such a pain.  I can settle in by myself.  Now, go away.” She set the box down.  Putting two rows of packaging tape over the top. 
“You didn’t answer the question, where are we moving you to, today?” He moved back and rested his head against the headboard, with his hands behind his head. 
She let out a heavy breath.  “Since you have decided to be such a dear friend all of a sudden.  I am moving into the Spire building on 14th Street.”
That had Alex’s attention.  “Really, what floor?” 
A few month’s ago Roni and Izzy had lost a bet over a pool game, forcing Izzy to make dinner for him at his home.  A night spent arguing over everything except the big elephant in the room.  That night was the last time he had kissed her.  A kiss that proved the passion between them was not left in Cabo.  A kiss that also ended with him on the floor clutching his family jewels.  Yeah, he had misread that situation.
A few months later, he sold his house because it was to big for only him.  He had purchased the penthouse in the Spire building.  Sometimes he loved the way destiny intervened.  The best part was she had no idea she was moving into his building. 
“9th floor.”  She mumbled as she continued to tape the boxes. 
Five below his own.  “Should I start taking these boxes into the living room to make life easier on the movers?” 
“Fine.  The boxes with the pink duct tape are mine.  The ones with the yellow duct tape are Roni’s.”  She was always so organized. 

He picked up a couple of boxes, including the one with her panties in it, taking them  into the living room.  A shit eating grin on his face.  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Way!

I have to say my grass looks incredible from the rain, the boys aren't fairing as well however.  Rain means no pool, no hiking and no bike riding! Leaving them video games and me extra time to write! 

Book 2 of the Geek to Chic series is coming along nicely.  We met hostile Izzy and playboy Alex in book 1. Some people have love at first sight, these two had hate at first sight.  Or was it second sight? 

Alex and Izzy have been hiding a past with each other from their friends for months.  A past that Izzy wants nothing more than to punish Alex for.  A past that Alex wants to make up for.  

Stay tuned to my blog in the coming months for teasers from the upcoming -soon to be titled- book 2 of the Geek to Chic series.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Falling Into You

Happy Friday to everyone!  After sitting at my laptop every night (ok almost every night) writing and rewriting my first novel for months, I have released on this book on Amazon!  Here is a little taste.  Happy reading!

Alex just smiled and sauntered into the bar.  Rolling his eyes, Derek followed.  Stopping short when he saw the vision at the bar. Starbucks Girl was here sitting at the bar.  He always saw her in conservative business attire.  Tonight, however, she was wearing a pair of tight jeans that perfectly showed off her curves, a blouse with a very low neckline, and heels that could best be described as fuck me pumps.  Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders in a wave.  His brain started to shut down as it no longer had dibs on his blood supply.  Alex turned with a devious smile on his face. “We are not leaving this bar without you at least getting her name, getting her naked would be better."
"Naked right here in the bar?" Derek asked wondering what was wrong with his friend.
"Don't knock public sex until you've tried it." Alex had no modesty.
"Seriously?  What kind of girls do you date?” Derek held up his hand stopping Alex from answering. “Never mind I don't want the answer.  I can see the answer written all over your face." Derek took a deep breath. "Fine I will talk to her but you are to either go to the other side of the bar or shut the fuck up.  I don't need you hitting on her friend. We both know that will kill any chance I have." Derek knew exactly how it would end if Alex even spoke two words to the friend.  Alex would screw Starbucks Girl's friend in the back of the bar and leave.  Derek would be left to receive the angry slap from said friend or Starbucks Girl herself, or both.  Hey it had happened before. 
Leaving Alex to follow, laughing as he did, Derek grabbed a shot from the shot girl, downing the liquid courage quickly. He approached Starbucks Girl from behind. Leaning in close to her ear and speaking before she realized he was there. "I see you have recovered nicely from your fall and consequential molestation of my body." He tried for seductive but was sure desperate nerd came out. 
Starbucks Girl must not like people in her personal space, because she whirled around so fast he thought her head was going to spin right off.  In the process though, her elbow met his nose in a fast hard hit sending him backwards.  He tried to catch himself, but gravity was a cruel bitch.  He landed on the table behind him sending drinks flying. 
"What the fuck?” Barked the guy whose table he had just made a landing pad. Suddenly, Derek was on his feet courtesy of What the Fuck Guy yanking him up by his white dress shirt.  "Do you have a problem, man?" Great he had to land on steroid boys' table. 
"Dude, chill.  Clumsy Barbie over there all but broke his nose simply turning around.  If you are going to blame anyone blame her." Alex interjected, failing in his attempt not to laugh.  “Isn't that right sweetheart?" Oh, no! Alex should have just let him take the punch and kept his mouth shut because now What the Fuck Guy was still holding tight to his shirt, deciding if he was telling the truth or not and Starbucks Girl looked as though she was going to do more than break Alex's nose. 

"What did you just call me? Clumsy Barbie?" Fire lit her eyes as she stood going toe to toe with Alex. Was it wrong that Derek was turned on by that look in her eyes? Laughing, What the Fuck Guy dropped his fist from Derek's shirt, turning to watch the show.  Straightening his shirt Derek grabbed the ice wrapped in a bar towel from the waitress.  Thanking her, he ordered the table another round and himself a beer, then joined the other guy to watch this small spit fire verbally bitch slap Alex for a bit.  Maybe coming to the bar was not such a bad idea after all.