Thursday, June 26, 2014

Snippet - Izzy and Alex

Happy Thusday!  I have done so much this week!  Between hail storms, pool time and my regular job, I have been writing like a mad woman! Izzy and Alex's story (the title is still in the works) has been flowing amazingly!

Here is a small snippet!  

At some point, Alex had moved to the bed, lay next to her on his side.  His hand moved to her belly.  “This means we have two choices.  One, try very hard not to be at the same social events, or two, get the anger out of our systems.” 
“Somehow I doubt you are suggesting we throw on boxing gloves and go a few rounds.”  Izzy reasoned, turning on her side to face Alex.  His hand moving from her belly to her hip with her movement, pulling her close to his body again.  “The idea does have merit, however, I would hate to have to explain to Derek why his CFO is in a coma.” 

Giving her that damn panty dropping smile of his, he shook his head a little and laughed.  “No, I can’t say I am into those types of sports in the bedroom.  I am suggesting that there is a thin line between hate and lust.”  Pulling her leg over his hip, he leaned in close to her, whispering, “I think you and I have some unfinished business. I say we finish that business.  Fuck each others brains out a few times.  When we feel we have crossed that line from hate to friendship we stop the bedroom activities.  Parting as friends and allowing the rest of our group the luxury of not having to worry about bloodshed every time we share space.”  

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