Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Way!

I have to say my grass looks incredible from the rain, the boys aren't fairing as well however.  Rain means no pool, no hiking and no bike riding! Leaving them video games and me extra time to write! 

Book 2 of the Geek to Chic series is coming along nicely.  We met hostile Izzy and playboy Alex in book 1. Some people have love at first sight, these two had hate at first sight.  Or was it second sight? 

Alex and Izzy have been hiding a past with each other from their friends for months.  A past that Izzy wants nothing more than to punish Alex for.  A past that Alex wants to make up for.  

Stay tuned to my blog in the coming months for teasers from the upcoming -soon to be titled- book 2 of the Geek to Chic series.  

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