Friday, June 6, 2014

Falling Into You

Happy Friday to everyone!  After sitting at my laptop every night (ok almost every night) writing and rewriting my first novel for months, I have released on this book on Amazon!  Here is a little taste.  Happy reading!

Alex just smiled and sauntered into the bar.  Rolling his eyes, Derek followed.  Stopping short when he saw the vision at the bar. Starbucks Girl was here sitting at the bar.  He always saw her in conservative business attire.  Tonight, however, she was wearing a pair of tight jeans that perfectly showed off her curves, a blouse with a very low neckline, and heels that could best be described as fuck me pumps.  Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders in a wave.  His brain started to shut down as it no longer had dibs on his blood supply.  Alex turned with a devious smile on his face. “We are not leaving this bar without you at least getting her name, getting her naked would be better."
"Naked right here in the bar?" Derek asked wondering what was wrong with his friend.
"Don't knock public sex until you've tried it." Alex had no modesty.
"Seriously?  What kind of girls do you date?” Derek held up his hand stopping Alex from answering. “Never mind I don't want the answer.  I can see the answer written all over your face." Derek took a deep breath. "Fine I will talk to her but you are to either go to the other side of the bar or shut the fuck up.  I don't need you hitting on her friend. We both know that will kill any chance I have." Derek knew exactly how it would end if Alex even spoke two words to the friend.  Alex would screw Starbucks Girl's friend in the back of the bar and leave.  Derek would be left to receive the angry slap from said friend or Starbucks Girl herself, or both.  Hey it had happened before. 
Leaving Alex to follow, laughing as he did, Derek grabbed a shot from the shot girl, downing the liquid courage quickly. He approached Starbucks Girl from behind. Leaning in close to her ear and speaking before she realized he was there. "I see you have recovered nicely from your fall and consequential molestation of my body." He tried for seductive but was sure desperate nerd came out. 
Starbucks Girl must not like people in her personal space, because she whirled around so fast he thought her head was going to spin right off.  In the process though, her elbow met his nose in a fast hard hit sending him backwards.  He tried to catch himself, but gravity was a cruel bitch.  He landed on the table behind him sending drinks flying. 
"What the fuck?” Barked the guy whose table he had just made a landing pad. Suddenly, Derek was on his feet courtesy of What the Fuck Guy yanking him up by his white dress shirt.  "Do you have a problem, man?" Great he had to land on steroid boys' table. 
"Dude, chill.  Clumsy Barbie over there all but broke his nose simply turning around.  If you are going to blame anyone blame her." Alex interjected, failing in his attempt not to laugh.  “Isn't that right sweetheart?" Oh, no! Alex should have just let him take the punch and kept his mouth shut because now What the Fuck Guy was still holding tight to his shirt, deciding if he was telling the truth or not and Starbucks Girl looked as though she was going to do more than break Alex's nose. 

"What did you just call me? Clumsy Barbie?" Fire lit her eyes as she stood going toe to toe with Alex. Was it wrong that Derek was turned on by that look in her eyes? Laughing, What the Fuck Guy dropped his fist from Derek's shirt, turning to watch the show.  Straightening his shirt Derek grabbed the ice wrapped in a bar towel from the waitress.  Thanking her, he ordered the table another round and himself a beer, then joined the other guy to watch this small spit fire verbally bitch slap Alex for a bit.  Maybe coming to the bar was not such a bad idea after all. 

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