Sunday, June 29, 2014

Falling Into You on Sale for $0.99!

The first book in my Geek to Chic series is on sale on Amazon for $0.99!  Grab your copy now while the sale is on!

Falling Into You 
Roni Atlas has never been a smooth woman.  Sure, she is a bombshell to look at but she is also a walking disaster.  She is the definition of clumsiness.  Her clumsiness is usually only harmful to her. However, shaken up after being fired by her sexually harassing boss, Roni trips and falls into the man she lusted after for six months.  After a quick conversation she stumbles away from the man of her dreams.

Derek Callaway is gorgeous, rich and successful.  Well, now he is.  His high school days were filled sitting in front of a computer screen and getting teased at school for being a small nerd.  When Roni bowls him over on his way to an important meeting he is tongue tied.  He has been staring at her every morning at Stabucks for months.  Too bad she fleas before he can ask her out.

Luckily, fate steps in giving Derek the opportunity to hire Roni as his assistant.  Giving him a reason to be with her everyday.  Will his CEO persona push her away?  Will her clumsiness do them both in?

      ***This book contains steamy scenes between a former geek turned hotty and a clumsy woman that will knock your socks off.  As well as a few laughs and  cringe worthy moments of total clumsiness.  We can’t forget the best friends who may or may not kill each other.***  

Amazon - Falling Into You

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